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Alberta Food & Drink

A food and drink guide to Calgary

One of Calgary’s main selling points is its cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with some of the world’s most stunning natural scenery. Not only does this blend create an incredible holiday mishmash of adventure and style – but it also makes for some incredible culinary experiences. The fertile lands of Alberta produce locally grown crops with acres …

British Columbia Food & Drink

A wine guide to Vancouver Island

We’ve already written about the delectable selection of wineries in the famous Okanagan Valley. While it is undoubtedly British Columbia’s top wine region, Vancouver Island shouldn’t be forgotten about either. The island is home to 37 licensed wineries, many of which offer tours and boast their own restaurants. Most of the wineries are located north …

King Crabs in Alaska
Alaska Food & Drink

A foodie’s guide to Alaska

When you think of Alaska you probably think of outdoor adventure, scenic peaks and wondering moose – rather than tasty food. But the Final Frontier definitely has plenty to offer the foodie traveller who lets their taste-buds pick their travel destination (especially if they like seafood!). While visiting the various ports of call on an …