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10 things to do in Calgary

Situated in the heart of Alberta, Calgary is the largest city in its province – its metropolitan architecture towers above the city, amid an urban oasis filled with parks and nature attractions. Not to mention, some of the world’s most scenic mountains and national parks are only an hour’s drive from the city itself, with …

Alberta Food & Drink

A food and drink guide to Calgary

One of Calgary’s main selling points is its cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with some of the world’s most stunning natural scenery. Not only does this blend create an incredible holiday mishmash of adventure and style – but it also makes for some incredible culinary experiences. The fertile lands of Alberta produce locally grown crops with acres …

Welcome to Jasper sign

5 museums to visit in Jasper

The alpine town of Jasper boasts an incredible selection of outdoor activities. Arguably some of the best in Canada. But it also caters for the homebodies of the world too (or sporty types who are having a day off). If you’re in Jasper and don’t fancy anything strenuous, we recommend checking out its fascinating selection …