When you think of romantic holiday destinations, you probably don’t immediately think of Canada. But with its medieval cities, charming seaside towns and unbeatable landscapes – you start to wonder why.

The city of Quebec, in particular, is the perfect spot for a romantic anniversary, honeymoon or surprise proposal. A cosmopolitan combination of Parisian charm and stunning architecture, you’ll fall in love with this city while making memories with your other half. Here are five romantic activities to get you started.

1. Walk hand in hand through the Old City

With centuries-old buildings and charming cobblestone streets, Quebec is definitely one of Canada’s most picturesque cities. The Old City especially has an unmistakable Francophone charm everywhere you turn – with plenty of places to stop and fall in love all over again.

2. Book a Carriage tour

If a day exploring a city on your feet isn’t your style, then consider a relaxing horse-drawn carriage tour. During the tour, you’ll be taken around the Old City while your driver will bring the city to life with stories and events. In winter you’ll also be given cosy blankets to snuggle under.

3. Stroll along Promenade Samuel-De Champlain

This newly built 2.5 km promenade is the perfect spot for an afternoon stroll. There are four different sections that you’ll walk past: Station des Cageux (wetlands and observation tower), Boisé de Tequenonday (archaeological remains), Station des Sports (two soccer fields and a multi-use grass-covered play area) and Station des Quais (cultural quarters with themed gardens). Remember to take a picnic!

4. Relax on a river cruise

Admire the bustle of the city from a distance on board an intimate river cruise. Whether you’re looking for a lively cruise with fireworks and live music, or a romantic dinner cruise – you and your sweetheart will find something to your taste.

5. Go ice-skating in place D’Youville

During the winter, Quebec looks like the backdrop to a romantic film. Starting in late October you can skate within the idyllic surroundings of Place D’Youville, that are fringed by the old city walls. You don’t even need to bring your own skates!