The Rainbow crosswalk in Davie Village, Vancouver

6 must-visit spots in Vancouver’s Davie Village

It’s June and that means it’s Pride month! To celebrate we’ve decided to take you on a tour of Davie Village, Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ neighbourhood. Technically, Davie Village is the stretch of Davie Street between Burrard and Jervis Streets – but good things come in small packages! Here are the top six spots to visit in Davie Village.

Rainbow Crosswalk

It’s hard to miss the Rainbow Crosswalk in Davie Village – but remember to stop by and take a photo. It’s one of the most photographed spots in the city for a reason.

Little Sisters

Little Sisters bookshop is probably Davie Village’s most famous business. It’s been serving the LGBTQ+ community for decades and is considered an essential resource by many. Just like the Rainbow Crosswalk, you can’t miss it – its sign is neon pink.

Celebrities Nightclub

Davie Village is packed with bars, pubs and nightclubs that cater to LGBTQ+ partygoers. But the most famous is Celebrities. It is not always easy to get into so you make sure you arrive early and dress sharp.

Grab yourself a budget-friendly lunch

Davie Village prides it’s itself on its lack of pretentiousness and you’ll find no shortage of places to eat (which are also easy on the purse strings). Whether it’s sushi, pizza, falafel or big fry up for breakfast – you’ll find it all here.

English Bay 

Right at the end of Davie Street you’ll stumble upon English Bay, which is the perfect place to relax after a day wandering through Davie Village. It’s home to high-end restaurants that overlook the water, and a seawall that is popular with joggers, cyclers and walkers. It also boasts one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Vancouver.

Slowly wander around

While Davie Village does have a few must-visit stops, it’s much more about the lifestyle than jumping from one place to another. The village is very welcoming and boasts a friendly vibe. Almost all the shops and restaurants are independent, so you’ll find something new to take home. Plus, it’s popular with locals and not just tourists.

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