If you’re planning a Canadian road trip that combines east and west coast adventures, then the city of Saskatoon is a great place to break up the adventure. Set within the state of Saskatchewan it is conveniently located as a great pit stop before making it to Alberta. It’s also that perfect in-between in that there’s enough to do but still small enough that you won’t be rushed if you’re only there for two days. Here’s what we recommend you get up to.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Despite the city’s modern elements, Saskatoon’s history stretches further back than European settlers. The Wanuskewin Heritage Park is dedicated to exploring the lives of indigenous tribes and their sacred relationship with the natural landscape. Within the visitor centre you’ll find a gallery with artwork created by First Nation artists that focuses on traditional, historical and contemporary.

Prairie River Boat Cruise

Saskatoon is set within the charming landscape of the prairies and spending the day exploring the natural surroundings is a must. There’s a few river cruise companies to choose from but they follow a similar journey. Some also offer dinner cruising, Sunday brunch cruising and sunset cruising.

Western Development Museum

For another glimpse of Saskatoon’s history, head to the Western Development Museum where you’ll find a faithful re-construction of Saskatoon circa 1910. You’ll find it about 4km south of Downtown, where you’ll be able to explore a dentist, pharmacy, trains, tractors and a jail!

Spend your evening on Broadway Avenue

Even though Saskatoon is a pretty prairie city, its own Broadway district gives it a big city vibe. At the south end of Broadway Avenue you will find the city’s main shopping and entertainment district with restaurants, bars and boutique shopping. It’s also where the annual Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival takes place.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada                                                                                                                

When we think of immigration to Canada we usually think of French Canadians or the Scots who built Nova Scotia, but Ukrainian immigration was large enough in North America that descendants have commanded their own museum. The museum boasts an emphasis on traditional clothing and contemporary artwork, and provides valuable insights into the life of Ukrainian Canadians.

Saskatchewan Railway Museum

The state of Saskatchewan has the largest amount of road surface out of all Canadian provinces, but before then it relied heavily on its rail system. At the Saskatchewan Railway Museum, discover how the first rail route changed Saskatchewan life and was an important part of agriculture.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Saskatoon?