The Rocky Mountaineer is one of the world’s greatest train journeys. From the moment you step onboard, you will begin a magical journey through the breath taking natural landscapes of the Canadian Rockies. Not only will you spend the duration of your trip, slowly travelling through picturesque locations you have always dreamed of visiting, but you will do so in complete luxury. The Rocky Mountaineer allows you to experience the wonders of the Rocky Mountains, whilst enjoying first-class service and an extraordinary gastronomical experience. World-class culinary chefs have carefully created gourmet dishes using fresh local produce that you can enjoy throughout your trip. This is a train journey, like never before, welcome aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Whether you opt for SilverLeaf Service or GoldLeaf Service, the dining experience is one of a kind. It will begin from the moment you step on board and the glass dome carriages mean that each seat onboard comes with a mountain view. In SilverLeaf Service you can therefore immerse yourself in culinary delights from the comfort of your own seat, whilst tasting the regional flavours of the passing landscapes. Whilst GoldLeaf Service passengers will head down the dedicated dining room to enjoy meals in the onboard restaurant.

The menus vary depending on the route and regions guests are passing through but are guaranteed to be nothing short of exceptional. Wake up in the morning to magnificent views of the mountains around you, whilst sipping freshly brewed coffee or juice, and indulge in a freshly baked pastry and a delicious breakfast. You can expect mouthwatering dishes, ranging from buttermilk pancakes with Canadian maple syrup, to eggs benedict, or fresh smoked salmon on avocado toast. Options usually vary from 3-5 mains and are guaranteed to be as wonderful as the views that surround you.

Lunch is a three-course meal, which will begin with a starter involving fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables and produce from the local area. You will have a choice of main and desert, with options to cater to all dietary requirements. Dish examples include Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon, Verjus and Brown Butter Gnocchi, Spinach & Fennel Sauce with Purple Beet and desserts like Lemon and Caramelized Stone Fruit Posset with Shortbread Biscuit and Lavender. The carefully crafted menus showcase high quality and local, fresh ingredients. Each course is a masterpiece, perfectly complemented by carefully selected wines that accentuate the flavours of the food journey.

Between meals, in both the morning and afternoon, you will be served gourmet snacks. From teas, coffees, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, sweet treats and pastries. You are guaranteed to not go hungry on board the Rocky Mountaineer. There are also signature cocktails on board, which you can enjoy throughout your journey all included as part of the package, the wines and craft beers on board are locally sourced and can be paired with your meal to bring out the best flavours and textures of your food for an enhanced dining experience.

The culinary experience tells the story of the landscapes that surround you, the onboard waiters will share stories about the ingredients as you pass locations where they were sourced from. Much of the ingredients comes from local farms that supply the Rocky Mountaineer, such as Desert Hills Ranch in Ashcroft, just west of Kamloops. The premium wines on board are sourced from British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley. Supporting local agriculture and artisans is at the forefront of Rockys mission, as well as ensuring the ingredients used are of the highest quality and freshest flavours to enrich the dishes.

This is a gastronomical experience that goes beyond the plate, offering passengers an enriching dining experience. Taste the flavours of Canada like never before on this enchanting rail journey through the Canadian Rockies. If you’re looking for an adventure involving unparalleled exploration and luxury, some of the world’s most incredible sights and world-class culinary, The Rocky Mountaineer is for you.

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