Manitoba is known for being home to Churchill aka the polar bear capital of the world.

The most popular time to visit is during the winter – when the polar bears are frolicking in the snow. However, Manitoba is still a beautiful place to visit in the summer – these photos prove it.

1. This polar bear in the tundra

Polar Bear in the Tundra

2. Nutimik Lake near dusk

Nutimik Lake

3. Otter Falls at sunset

Otter Falls Sunset

4. Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg

Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg

5. Old Pinawa Dam Park in the midday sun

Old Pinawa Dam Park

6. Whiteshell Provincial Park in the evening

Whiteshell Provincial Park

7. The foamy Winnipeg River

Winnipeg River

8. Another picture of Old Pinawa Dam Park

Old Pinawa Dam Park 2

9. Marshland in Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National Park

10. Sunset at Shoe Lake

Shoe Lake sunset

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