10 Toronto bars for a unique or quirky cocktail

Deciding on a top 10 list of cocktail bars in Toronto is no easy task. The city is brimming at the edges and cocktail connoisseurs will find a copious amount of infusions to sip on. We’ve stalked the streets of Toronto looking for the best there is, plus some more. There are too many impressive bars to name – and this list is definitely not exhaustive – but we’ve narrowed it down to these 10 deserving bars.

The Lockhart

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan, you’ll adore this place. Even more when you discover the Harry Potter references don’t stop at its name. The logo is a stag (hello Patronus!) and their food menu includes Herbology 101 and Forbidden Forest tapas. And if you’re in the mood for a cocktail? It has to be The Gin Weasley.

The Harbord Room

While first and foremost somewhere to grab a bite to eat, the Harbord Room also serves high-end cocktails. The menu is extensive and split into spritzes, juices and classic cocktails. There’s also a generous wine list.

Boutique Bar

An award-winning cocktail bar in the Church and Wellesley district of Toronto, owned by Julien Salomone who has a wealth of experience in the international hospitality industry. Cocktails here aren’t your standard alcohol and soft drink mix – you’ll find chilli peppers and ginger syrup on the ingredients list.


Boasting that they put as much effort into their cocktails as a chef would a gourmet dish, this bar creates all their own liquor infusions, syrups and bitters in house. Their extensive menu is indexed into different categories: modernist, sipping, sweet and sour, and absinthe.

SpiritHouse Toronto

How does a Pistachio Mai-Tai or a De-constructed Mojito sound? If it sounds like something you would like to try, this is the bar in Toronto to try it.

Hoof Cocktail Bar

Bored of the regular espresso martini? Try an Espresso Martinez with gin, cut coffee vermouth, maraschino and bitters. Or you can try and keep a straight face while ordering a Crusta Rhymes.

Rush Lane & Co

Step inside Rush Lane on Queen Street West, and admire their wall of carefully curated spirits. If you fancy a unique concoction, choose from their range of classic, Tiki, or draught cocktails.

Linwood Essentials

This bar is a fan of infusing their liqueurs with…just about anything. Order the Corporate Expense Account cocktail with foie gras infused Calvados, or the Eight in the Morning at a Seaside Cottage in Scotland cocktail with black pudding infused Bruichladdich Classic Scotch. The care taken in making these cocktails completely makes up for the tongue twister you’ll have while ordering them.

The Calvin Bar

Unlike the other bars on this list, The Calvin Bar’s menu is short and sweet. But it isn’t any less creative. Try the Absinthe Frappé or try your luck with their surprise daily creation.

The 51st Bar

Sip on a delicious cocktail while enjoying stunning views of the city below. Located on the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre building in Yorkville, this cocktail bar whips up frozen cocktails such as the Silky White Russian, champagne cocktails such as the Rhubarb Spritzer and offers a range of martinis including the classic French Martini, or the modern Apple Pie Martini.

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