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Top 5 Scary Movies Filmed in Canada

The spooky season is upon us, and if there’s one thing Canada loves, it’s going all out for Halloween.

Inhabitants of the Great White North are known for elaborate costumes, indulging in trick-or-treating and turning their homes into incredibly scary sights. But did you know that many of your favourite scary movies were also made in Canada?

The Great White North has gained a name for itself over the years as a world-class place to make high quality films. Here’s our top picks of scary movies made in Canada to get you into the Halloween spirit. Turn the lights out, grab your popcorn and cuddle up – you might get a bit of a fright…


Saw II – 3D (2005-2010)

All of the Saw movies except the original – including the latest offering Jigsaw (2017) –  were made in Toronto. Most of the shooting taking place in the famous Cinespace studios. There are however very few location shots due franchise being set – for the most part – in grungy basements and hospitals. These gory blockbusters make up one of the highest-grossing horror franchises of all time, and helped to put Toronto on the map as a cinematographer’s dream.


The Final Destination movies (2000 – 2011)

All five of the Final Destination movies were made in Vancouver! In the original movie, look out for Vancouver International Airport in the opening scene. Also, while you may think that the final scenes are shot in Paris, they were actually produced in Victoria, British Columbia. Watch the franchise back-to-back and see if you can spot additional locations such as McKinely High School and the Ellis Medical Complex.


The Cabin in the Woods (2013)

A new horror classic, this fright fest with a unique twist was also filmed in Vancouver. Sets include an apartment building at 5th Avenue and Trafalgar as Dana’s apartment. While the underground complex was mainly custom-built sets, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Aerospace Technology Campus) was used for some of the more panoramic shots. Fun fact – the forest on the outskirts of Vancouver that provides the location for the majority of the movie was being used simultaneously by the cast and crew of Twilight!


The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Believed to be based on a true story, The Exorcism of Emily Rose was also filmed in Hollywood North – specifically on campus at the University of British Columbia. Ever visited this prestigious institution before? Keep your eyes peeled for eerie shots of the Buchanan Tower, the H. R. MacMillan Building and the Douglas Kenny Building.


The Changeling (1980)

One of the all-time classics. The Changeling is set in Seattle but was filmed in both Vancouver and Toronto. While the house where the real-life events are meant to have taken place has since been demolished, there are many other locations for you to see.  The college scenes were shot on the University of Toronto’s campus. Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre can also be spotted and Hatley Castle in British Columbia was used as the setting of the senator’s house. This horror is seen as one of the greats, even winning the first ever Genie award for Best Canadian Film. Be prepared for things to get seriously scary.

Have you ever visited any of these frightening locations? Let us know in the comments below!

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