Titanic Memorial Sites in Halifax, Nova Scotia

When we think of cities associated with the Titanic, it is New York, Belfast and Southampton that usually make their way to the top of the mental list. The coastal town of Halifax in Nova Scotia however, has a strong link to the Titanic that is not that well known this side of the Atlantic.

Situated just 700 miles from the ill-fated ship’s final resting place, Halifax was the closest port and its coastline was the natural location for many artefacts to wash up onto. These days Halifax’s connection to the Titanic is very visible thanks to monuments and permanent museum exhibitions. If you’re a history buff with a keen interest in this famous liner, then Halifax is a must-visit. Here’s our guide to the various monuments and sites of interest.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

If you only visit one place on the list, it needs to be this one. Located on the Halifax Waterfront, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is home to a permanent display of wooden artefacts from the ship. Also on display are diaries from the crew.

Five Fisherman Restaurant & Grill

Stop by this much-loved seafood restaurant for a bite to eat amongst history. Back at the time of the Titanic disaster, the building was the John Snow & Co. Funeral Home, which helped lay many of the victims to rest.

Nova Scotia Archives

If you want to really delve into the history of the Titanic, head along to the local Archives Centre. You’ll need to register to get in and take identification with you, but for any true history buff it’s the best place to really get to know the real Titanic.

The businesses of George Wright

George Wright was a Halifax millionaire who perished in the disaster, but his business buildings still stand proudly in the city. The Marble Building and St. Paul’s Building can be found on Barrington Street in the heart of downtown Halifax.

The five churches

Titanic memorials were conducted at five different churches across the city. These were Saint George’s Round Church, Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, Saint Mary’s, Cathedral Basilica, Brunswick Street United Church and Cathedral Church of All Saints.

Fairview Lawn Cemetery

A well-visited point of interest for people looking to explore the history of the Titanic is the final resting place of its victims. The Fairview Lawn Cemetery is home to 121 graves of those that perished, most of them marked with small grey granite gravestones. The Mount Olivet Cemetery and Baron de Hirsch Cemetery are also home to a few Titanic graves.

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