The landscape of Waterton at sunset, one of the key locations used for the filming of Tin Star

Tin Star: Location Spotting

Tin Star is Sky Atlantic’s newest hit series that has taken the world by storm, and if there is one thing that people just can’t stop talking about, it’s the stunning Alberta backdrop to all the action.

Without giving too much away, the plot is as follows – a London cop takes a new job as Chief of Police in the fictional mountain town of Little Big Bear, nestled deep in the remote Canadian Rockies. Whilst battling his own demons, he quickly uncovers the dark criminal underbelly to this once-believed sleepy town – and one tragic incident leads him to seek revenge.

Sound intriguing? While watching the episodes, you aren’t just gripped by the drama – you also fall in love with the scenery. Here are our top picks for Tin Star location spotting from Episode One – don’t worry, no spoilers lie ahead!

High River, Alberta

High River 1

High River is situated just 33 miles from Calgary, and serves as the main inspiration for the fictional town of Little Big Bear – and with its spectacular foothills and mountain scenery, it is clear to see why. High River not only provided some of the scenic shots, but also the exterior buildings. The police station in Tin Star is the former High River Rail Depot, now the Museum of the Highwood.


Calgary 1

Of course the Tin Star team also took advantage of The Stampede City, particularly for the shots of the spectacular mountain drives at the very beginning of Episode One. Calgary is becoming something of a film-maker’s paradise, and the Calgary Film Centre was used as a base during the filming of Tin Star. Calgary has been used in hit blockbusters such as The Revenant, Interstellar and Brokeback Mountain, so it is clear why the Tin Star production team jumped at the chance to showcase its stunning beauty.

Kananaskis Country

Fishing 1

Before all the drama starts, Chief Jim Roth feels like a big fish in a small pond and to compensate for the boredom coming from being in such a crime-free town, he literally goes fishing in the first episode. The breath-taking cascading rivers from this scene come from Kananaskis Country, Alberta – with views like this, how could you ever want more?


Waterton 1

The final awe-inspiring aerial shot of the first episode was filmed in Waterton, Alberta, also known as ‘The Crown of the Continent’. Waterton also serves as the backdrop for the town in many of the scenes.

DID YOU KNOW? – In many of the scenes in Tin Star, the production team have actually mixed views from High River and Waterton to give the scene the stunning panoramic mountain backdrop!


Tin Star really does offer the viewer the best of both worlds, with nail-bitingly intense drama intermingled with stunning scenery and the best of Canada’s savage beauty. What are you waiting for?

All episodes of Tin Star are available now on Sky Atlantic, or can be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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