A rocky Mountaineer staff member with dark hair walking down the aisle with a trolly full of wine.

What do you receive on GoldLeaf Service on-board Rocky Mountaineer?

The Rocky Mountaineer is synonymous with luxury: beautiful mountain views, fresh gourmet food, and plush interiors. It’s no wonder that it’s considered one of Canada’s quintessential bucket list journeys.

For travellers who really want luxury, however, there is the option to upgrade to GoldLeaf Service. On-board you’ll be treated to a few delightful extras in the dedicated GoldLeaf carriage. Here are six of those benefits.

A welcome aboard toast

The back of a male Rocky Mountaineer host's head who is looking at a carriage full of passengers. It is sunny outside the windows.

Start your Rocky Mountaineer adventure off in style with a welcome aboard toast in the upper level of the GoldLeaf coach. Throughout the journey, you’ll be well looked after by three to four hosts, who will delight you with stories of the Rocky Mountaineer.

A domed glass viewing platform

A male Rocky Mountaineer host looking out onto the landscape while holding a microphone, while guests look at him and the landscape

On the top level of the GoldLeaf coach, you’ll be treated to incredible panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains through a domed-arch roof.

An outside viewing platform

A man taking photos of the landscape from the viewing platform of the rocky Mountaineer.

You can also step outside and breathe in the fresh crisp air of the Rocky Mountains from the large outdoor viewing platform.

A dedicated dining room

A table covered with a white table cloth. The plate in the background shows a salmon dish, and the other dishes are out of focus. there is red wine on the table.

Then on the bottom level of the coach, you’ll enjoy sit down meals with table service. All food is 5-star and specially prepared by executive chefs in the onboard kitchen. Breakfast and lunch as both included in the price. Gourmet snacks are also complimentary.

Complimentary beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

And it’s not just food either – you can enjoy your favourite tipple with dinner time too!

Upgraded hotel stays

What makes the Rocky Mountaineer different from other rail tours is that you stop overnight and transfer to a hotel. And when you book GoldLeaf Service you’ll receive accommodation upgrades, such as superior views or more spacious rooms.

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