Poutine - a traditional Quebec dish

A foodie’s guide to Quebec City

Just like its ancestral cousin France, the city of Quebec is full of delectable cuisine. And being one of the oldest settlements in North America has allowed the city ample time to perfect its gastronomic offerings. However, Quebec City is more than a one-trick pony and there’s more to eat in the city than just modern interpretations of traditional French cuisine. Quebecers love their food and there are a few things every foodie needs to eat before they leave the city.


Unhealthy Delicious Poutine with French Fries

While some Canadian’s might argue otherwise, poutine is a dish unquestionably etched into the country’s culture. Quebec, however, is its birthplace and very few Quebecers would turn their fork away from this glorious comfort food. The basic recipe is thick cut chips, gravy and cheese curds; however, you’ll find plenty of variations across the city and we definitely recommend trying at least one of them.

Maple syrup favourites

maple syrup in glass bottle on wooden table

There’s a few regional stereotypes that hold some truth, and the Canadian love of maple syrup is one of them. In Quebec you will discover just how deep this loyalty runs by sampling some of the local maple cider and maple whisky.

Ice Cider

Red apples on an apple-tree covered with snow

While on the topic of local spirits, this is another regional tipple to sample in Quebec. Though other parts of eastern Canada sing praises about ice wine, Quebecers are all about the ice cider (or Cidre de Glace). Apples are grown on the trees in winter and are left to freeze before picking and squeezing out the concentrated nectar to craft this sweet after-dinner drink.


Traditional meat pie on a dish

This traditional Québécois meat pie is arguably the epitome of regional cuisine. Typically a culinary mash-up of minced beef, pork (or wild game), and cubed potatoes, you’ll find these pies in both restaurants and local supermarkets.

Artisan cheese

Artisan soft cheese

Providing a nod to its French routes is the local award-winning cheeses. There’s an estimated 200 cheeses that claim Québécois birth, so it might be difficult to sample them all within the one holiday. But we wouldn’t disagree with anyone who tried.

Remember to order dessert

crêpe gourmande

Just like their French forefathers, Quebecers love dessert. Look out for their unique take on the crêpe, the traditional favourite sugar pie, and copious amounts of crème brûlée.


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