Food on board the Gold Leaf Service

10 gourmet dishes served on board the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Service

When you think of foodie destinations, you probably think of a large cosmopolitan city with international flavours or a coastal town brimming with seafood. Not the folds and bends wedged between lofty peaks. But the Rocky Mountains aren’t your everyday mountainous plains, and most train journeys aren’t the Rocky Mountaineer.

Any passengers that sign up for the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Service will be seated in an exclusive coach with an expansive viewing dome on the top deck and a luxury 5* restaurant down below. Here a full culinary team are waiting with the finest local ingredients ready to prepare a hot gourmet breakfast and lunches from an á la carte menu. The menu can change from journey-to-journey but we’ve rounded up 10 delicious examples of the fine-dining you can expect on board.

1. Canadian Cheese Souffle

Canadian cheese has won numerous global awards throughout the years, and the Rocky Mountaineer is encouraging passengers to try out some local cheddar served as a breakfast dish with nugget potatoes, smoked bacon and country chicken sausages.

2. Fraser Valley Chicken

This local dish uses the purest chickens from the British Columbia region of Fraser Valley, and serves it alongside vegetables purchased for a near-by market.

3. Seared Albacre Tuna

Bringing some seafood to the dinner menu is this gourmet catch. Cooked rare, it is accompanied by sautéed pepper, tomato, fennel, Kalamata olive, caper ragout, and white corn crisps.

4. Shrimp Gyoza and Prawns

Seafood-lovers are treated to a second catch of the day on the Rocky Mountaineer.  This Asian inspired dish is pan-fried and served with wild greens, sautéed jumbo prawns, and a pickled ginger cilantro dressing.

5. Cranberry Apple French Toast

A Canadian take on this classic breakfast treat. Using a baguette instead of bread slices, the completed dish is topped with maple cream and served with roasted almond and honey syrup.

6. Roasted Vegetable Ravioli

One for the vegetarian who likes a gourmet touch. The delicate pasta shells are folded over roasted seasonal vegetables, then tossed in a light tomato sauce and accompanied by a garlic Parmesan focaccia crisp.

7. Slow Roasted Pork Loin

Using pork raised in the local province of Alberta, this dish is then carefully roasted until it boasts a golden sheen. To serve, the pork is laid on a bed of creamy sweet pea puree and served with local market vegetables, whipped garlic potatoes and white corn crisps.

8. Field Berry Parfait

For breakfast, dip your spoon into simple but delicious layers of homemade roasted almond granola, sweet field berry compote and creamy yogurt.

9. Sourdough stack

Another gourmet take on a breakfast classic, sit down to caramelised sourdough flapjacks with an accompanying forkful of country chicken sausage and cranberry maple cream.

10. Sir Sandford Fleming Eggs Benedict

No five-star breakfast would be complete without a mention of eggs benedict. Named after the Scottish-Canadian engineer and inventor, this dish is comprised of two poached eggs and Montreal-style smoked beef settled between a toasted English muffin and tarragon scented hollandaise.

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