Cruise ship entering Juneau

5 must-sees while in port in Juneau

The compact Alaskan capital is a popular destination for cruise ships. In fact, Juneau can only be reached by air or water as no roads lead into the city in an attempt to protect the striking surrounding landscape. We consider it a must-visit for wildlife lovers and a lot of the activities found in and around the city focus on exploring natural wonders. Here are some of our top picks.

1. Mendenhall Glacier

Set within the largest natural forest of the United States lies the 13.6 miles long Mendenhall Glacier. Here you’ll find walking trails along the glacier and Nugget Falls, where your chances of seeing bears fishing for salmon is some of the highest in Alaska.

2. Mount Roberts Tramway

Admire this compact city from above by travelling up to a 1,800-foot-high station on Mount Roberts. Here adventurous types will find numerous hiking trails, while quieter types can relax and enjoy the views in the café and gift shop.

3. Glacier Gardens

A botanical rainforest garden is not the first thing you would expect to find in Alaska. But this 50 acre setting is home to a fascinating ecosystem, diverse plant life and stunning panoramic views.

4. Tracy Arm Fjord

While the Mendenhall Glacier hoovers up most of the cruise passengers, many visitors will argue that the Tracy Arm Fjord is also worth a visit. This 27-mile-long inlet is home to 3,000 feet mountains on either side. If you’re looking to spot some of Alaska’s beautiful native wildlife, we recommend visiting in the summer when spot eagles, seals, bears and whales come out to say hello.

5. Macaulay Salmon Hatchery

Salmon plays an important part in Alaskan life – both scenically and agriculturally. On a visit to this niche aquarium visitors can learn more about salmon hatching, the commercial fishing industry, and marine environments.

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