11 photos that prove how beautiful British Columbia is

British Columbia

Emerald Lake Yoho National Park British Columbia CanadaEmerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Orcas off coast of british columbia

Orcas off the BC coast line.

Sunset over The Seawall of Vancouver with cyclist in motion

The Seawall of Vancouver: the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path.

Vancouver skyline with Stanley Park at sunset BC Canada

The sunset over the Vancouver skyline.

Boardwalk through rainforest Pacific Rim NP Canada

The Boardwalk through the Pacific Rim National Park.

Sunset over the beach of Cox Bay Vancouver Island Canada

The sunset over Cox Bay on Vancouver Island.

Early morning view of Mount Robson

Mount Robson: the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies

MacDonald Creek glacial valley BC Canada

This glacial valley in McDonald Creek Provincial Park.

Beautiful view of Inner Harbour of Victoria BC Canada

The Inner Harbour in the city of Victoria.

Kermode (Spirit) Bear Eating Honey

A Spirit Bear: this pale coloured bear is a common sight.

Point Atkinson Lighthouse

Point Atkinson Lighthouse on the granite boulders in the Burrard Inlet, West Vancouver.

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